Doa'a Essa Abdul Wahab, Salad Boutique

Doa’a Essa Abdul Wahab attended the EDIP in Bahrain in 2009 and she had a vision of a restaurant that was healthy but also ‘a piece of art’, that is boundless and universal. In 2009,she started Salad Boutique; a unique bistro created by three Kuwaiti food-loving entrepreneurs, known as a place not only for its difference, but also for its creative approach to food.

Salad Boutique is a one of a kind destination, valued for its gourmet salads, and contemporary lounge setting and indulging the senses in a menu, which consists of whatever salad one’s heart desires, ranging from green, chicken, steak , pasta and even fruit salads. The place is also known for its decadent decor, ipad menus and funky music but for its creative approach to food and service. The first outlet was in Kuwait and other outlet was set to open in Jeddah and Bahrain in 2011. The initial investmentwas $350,000 and Doa’a started with a staff of 15 employees, and by 2012, the rate of investment return is 8% and there are currently 21 employees plus a new delivery service for the restaurant. In the future, there are plans to add catering, event planning, corporate rates and as always Doa’a wants to take Salad Boutique beyond the borders of Kuwait and into the global arena by planning to open a new Salad Boutique in Qatar by 2013.