Recorded Webinar: Digital storytelling

Intel Teach Live: Digital Storytelling

Business Plan
Throughout the years, digital storytelling has evolved. While our reasons for telling stories have remained relatively constant, how we tell those stories has changed dramatically. With mobile and various smart devices, creating and publishing a digital story is as easy as clicking the record button. In a matter of seconds, teachers and students are producers of amazing content. In this webinar, guest speakers Robert Chavez and Humberto Perez share digital storytelling ideas for teachers.
When and Where
  • Start Time: 5/29/12 5:00 PM PDT (America/Los_Angeles)
  • End Time: 5/29/12 6:00 PM PDT (America/Los_Angeles)
  • Location: Virtual
  • Robert Chavez
  • Humberto Perez
  • Vanessa Jones
  • Diane Smokorowski